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Non-traditional Qualitative

I used to count the number of people I've interviewed over time but when I got to 40,000 women I stopped counting. This number might seem like  "small data" compared to the big data and analytics also at play but I would argue they are the main ingredient of strong strategy.

Sample Methodologies

  • Ethnography and Selfnography

  • Talk show style Consumer Panels

  • Mirror-free Group Sessions

  • 360 Interviews (friends, family, caregivers, employer)

  • One on Ones with experts, doctors, thought leaders

  • Expert Salons

  • Mobile ethnography

Ask me about the time...

  • When I deprived women of chocolate for a long weekend to understand the DNA of a craving

  • When I brought 20 strangers together to talk about some serious "down there" topics

  • When I challenged fans to imagine the end of South Park

  • When I made a creative team fall in love with their consumers for the first time