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The best way to innovate is to work with consumers up-stream not as a disaster check for ideas you made up in a vacuum. Many will say that consumers can't possibly imagine what they need/want but I would disagree. (By the way, there is no evidence that Henry Ford dissed the ability of consumers to think abstractly because there is no proof he actually uttered "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." )

Sample Methodologies

  • Client & Consumer Power Teams

  • Elbow to Elbow exercises

  • Inspiration Stations and Trend Intersections

  • 5th Wall Missions

Ask me about the time...

  • Women confessed their skincare sins so that we could build a line of products based on turning sin into solution
  • Cracker lovers agreed to be blindfolded while they ate their favorites and imagined how form and flavor could evolve over time
  • Millennials invented dozens of new ideas for scratch-off lottery tickets where money as a prize was taken off the table